Thomas L. Marsh

As principal of Dataflow Management, Tom has helped a variety of clients in many business sectors use technology to achieve their strategic technical and business objectives. His customers count on him to understand their specific needs and to create cost-effective, custom-designed I.T. solutions. Tom has wide experience working for clients in businesses as diverse as construction, education, technology, insurance, law, manufacturing, and private equity.

In addition to founding Dataflow, Tom has worked for a number of multinational firms, overseeing a variety of initiatives that generated cost reductions, revenue growth, productivity improvements, supply chain efficacy and efficiency, global expansion, and increased Return On Investment.

As Senior Director for I.T. Enterprise Engineering at Macromedia, Inc., Tom was in charge of managing infrastructure engineering for the company’s worldwide operations.

At Macromedia (subsequently merged with Adobe), he:

  • Achieved annualized run-rate cost reductions of more than $8 million
  • Coordinated and oversaw the I. T. assessment, design, and implementation of multiple data centers
  • Helped identify, assess and select corporate real estate from a strategic and technical perspective.
  • Oversaw the selection of progressive infrastructure solutions
  • Fashioned the company’s platforms for the worldwide distribution of Macromedia software products, including the FlashTM player now found on 98% of Internet-enabled desktops.

Previously, Tom had been the Director of I.T. Enterprise Engineering at Allaire Corp (subsequently acquired by Macromedia), and was responsible for all infrastructure engineering and implementation activities within the global enterprise. Tom also oversaw the field-office infrastructure for Hitachi Semiconductor America (subsequently divested into Renesas and Elpida) and multiple divisions of Hitachi America, Ltd. and Hitachi Canada, Ltd. In this role, Tom made countless improvements to the I.T. infrastructure serving Hitachiís business units across North America and the world.

Tom is a frequent speaker at industry events, is an active volunteer in public education forums, and is a National Emergency Resource aiding the United States during times of national crisis. Additionally, Tom has been named a TechXplore mentor by the National Science and Technology Education Partnership, a role he relishes as he helps develop the next generation of technologists, and despite being actively recruited by technological stalwarts such as Google, Tom remains committed to consulting for a multitude of companies worldwide.

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