About Dataflow

Dataflow Management was founded in 1998 by Thomas L. Marsh, a leader in I.T. enterprise engineering. Tom and his team of professionals work with clients to assess their current technological capabilities, identify requirements, and design robust, appropriate systems and networks specially customized to meet each client’s unique needs. Dataflow is privately held and completely independent. It has no affiliations with suppliers or vendors.

Dataflow is proud to be affiliated with both UniComm Consulting (www.UniCommConsulting.com) and Vanguard Communications (www.Vanguard.net ). Both UniComm and Vanguard are global leaders in their respective markets, provide capabilities that complement Dataflow, and are key members of Dataflow's project teams.

Dataflow also enjoys association with the following organizations:

AFCOM – www.afcom.com
American National Standards Institute – www.ansi.org
Building Industry Consulting Service International – www.bicsi.org
Information Systems Security Association – www.issa.org
International Engineering Consortium – www.iec.org
International Telecommunications Society – www.itsworld.org
Massachusetts Network Communications Council – www.massnetcomms.org
National Emergency Resource Registry – www.nerr.gov
National Science and Technology Education Partnership – www.nstep-online.org
Pacific Telecommunications Council – www.ptc.org
Project Management Institute – www.pmi.org
Telecommunications Industry Association – www.tiaonline.org
The Indus Entrepeneurs – www.tie.org
Vietnamese Strategic Ventures Network – www.vsvn.org